Equality, diversity and inclusion

The School of Philosophical, Anthropological, “电影研究”决心积极支持不分种族的平等和公平, ethnicity, disability, age, faith, gender or sexual orientation. 它正在努力消除基于这些差异而对教职员工和学生的任何明示或隐性歧视, 创造一个欢迎和包容所有人的环境.

Issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion are addressed by the School Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or concerns about equality, diversity, or inclusion in the School, 请与EDI主任或任何委员会成员联络. They would be very happy to hear from you no matter what your role in the School; they value feedback from undergraduate and postgraduate students, and academic and professional services staff alike. You can also contact the University’s EDI Office at diversity@latitudebylongitude.com.

如你有兴趣加入电子数据交换委员会,请与电子数据交换主任联络. The School strives to maintain a broad, inclusive, and representative committee, and would welcome expressions of interest.

You can read detailed information about the EDI Committee’s current and planned activities (based on its Athena SWAN Action Plan).

The University's EDI Office has a useful website, which includes links to University policies, networks, and events, 以及更多黄金城官网大学多样性的信息.

Report and support

The Report and Support tool 是否可以报告任何与健康相关的担忧, bullying, discrimination, abuse, assault or harassment of any sort. 您可以匿名举报或使用您的黄金城最新娱乐网站. If you provide your contact details, 工作人员会联系你,帮助你提供支持. This tool can be used by students, members of staff, members of the public or visitors to the University.

Mediation service

The Mediation Service is available to students, staff and members of the public, experiencing disagreement or conflict, 谁更愿意用一种不那么正式的方式来讨论与大学相关的分歧和不满. The service is also available for groups or teams. 

调解员是黄金城官网大学的工作人员,他们接受了苏格兰调解认证的正式调解培训. 几名研究生也取得了调解方面的资格. 调解员的行为是公正的,与大学学校和服务机构是分开的. 他们唯一感兴趣的是帮助那些从事这项服务的人达成一个双方都能接受的解决方案.

调解是一种保密、非正式、自愿、自主和无偏见的过程. 如果你或你认识的人处于分歧的早期阶段或陷入僵局, please contact mediation@latitudebylongitude.com 进行一次非正式的谈话,讨论调解员如何提供帮助.